It is my pleasure to inform you that even after occupying the post of Hony. Treasurer, I am still working to achieve the goals of this Organization. I remember the days when my late husband & I had toiled to build this Organization for providing better services for the disabled. I have seen the colours of success & failures in the last 5 decades. Though there were no funds from the Govt. of India & any International funding Organization, we were still able to serve these needy children with the help of generous citizens of Ludhiana. It is a tough time to face the world to raise funds for even a needy and genuine cause.

It is the courage to accept them depending upon the inner strengths of the individual who works with a Vision for the welfare of the persons with disability. Thousands of people with disabilities are looking towards us with a glimpse of hope and aspiration which we have to meet at all cost. Education is very much essential to create a better society. These children with disability also need quality education and training which will ensure social and economic empowerment leading them to a dignified life.

Let all those working in the field of disability continue to do our best to meet the aspirations and needs of persons with disabilities and provide a better life. We will all continue to serve this under-privileged section of the society with utmost care and devotion. We are always grateful to the donors of our country and people from all across the Globe who have been kind enough to keep the sacred flame of this institute kindling by liberal donations. We the members of our Institution will continue to strive and serve for this noble cause with the blessings of the Almighty. Jai Hind !

I first of all would like to thank the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to become the Executive Director of VRTC to serve Children with disability. When I joined VRTC late back in the year 1996 as a Development Officer, this Centre was having many International Rehabilitation Projects. After the year 2010 there was a major breakthrough in the International funding, they stopped funding many States in India, in which Punjab was one amongst them. The reason behind this was that Punjab stands Number one in the list of highest per capita income of the country.

Working for a cause by choice is not easy as it seems. It needs dedication and sacrifice to work for such a cause especially in tough time. We the staff are all dedicated for this cause and still struggle to give our best to make a better life for every child with disability. Education is the key to success of every individual. It is very important to educate every child irrespective of caste, creed and disability. The main aim & objective of this institute is to impart special education to the visually impaired children from LKG to Senior Secondary level and also provide vocational training in various trades for those who are not able to pursue higher education.

We at this Institution, raise funds from the local agencies and good citizens of Ludhiana to educate these children. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to all the supporters, donors voluntary workers & the head of funding agencies that are helping us to educate these children. Without your support we would not have been able to achieve our aims & objectives of the Institution and march forward.