Mr.Anil Arora
Chairman VRTC
Advocate 17-B, Shastri Nagar,Ludhiana.

In following the footsteps of my father Late Sh.B.D.Arora ji, I am very happy to join and take over the position of Chairman of this institution which is working for the upliftment of the physically and visually handicapped. VRTC for Blind has been educating and rehabilitating the disabled children and adults from Punjab and all across the country since its inception.

I sincerely thank all the Governing Board members and staff of the organization as well good Samaritans who had been extending timely help for the smooth functioning of this organization. One cannot run an organization without the support of the generous public. For a better standard of life, education has become the most important need of any individual growth as well as for the growth of the community and nation. From the core of my heart I wish that a student/trainee who comes to VRTC should get a proper education and training to lead a quality life and also to become a productive member of the society.

I feel honoured to be a part of Ludhiana because Ludhianavis are the most generous people in our country as they have been extending their support liberally to run this organization. It is because of the financial support of the citizens of Ludhiana, we are still able to run this institution smoothly.

I am immensely pleased to be the Chairman of this reputed Rehabilitation Centre as well as to be with all the dedicated Hon’ble members of the Executive Board, who give their hands to strengthen our leadership in the task of rehabilitating every blind and disabled child and adult. It is my legitimate duty as a Chairman to express our gratitude to all the members of the committee, sponsors and Agencies / Trusts who are helping us from the beginning till date for the growth of this institute by granting scholarships, donations etc., that has obtained its reputation both nationally and internationally. Above all our gratitude is also conveyed to the District Authorities, State and Central Governments who are always with us in all our ventures. We march forward to reach every blind/disabled that are unreached and to bring them to light.

I am thankful to all the members of VRTC for blind for unanimously electing me as a Chairman of VRTC. I assure that I will extend all my support and will serve this institution in the most efficient manner.